Starbucks Canada Introduces New Drink - Flat White

Starbucks Canada Introduces New Drink – Flat White

Have you ever had a flat white before?

Starbucks Honours Coffee Artistry and Espresso Craft

A Starbucks Flat White is an espresso beverage made with two ristretto shots, combined with a thin layer of velvety steamed whole milk and finished with a latte art dot.

Since originating in Australia in the 1980s, the Flat White became a coffeehouse staple in the UK and is now a budding favourite among coffee aficionados in the United States and Canada, with Starbucks customers in Australia enjoying the beverage in stores since 2009, and those in the UK since 2010.

A ristretto shot delivers a sweeter, more intense coffee flavour.  Starbucks baristas perfectly steam milk into creamy micro-foam and carefully free pour to allow the espresso to rise to the top of the beverage for a bold coffee flavour with a sweeter finish. The Starbucks® Flat White joins the core menu line-up of espresso beverages like Caffé Americano, Caffé Latte, Cappuccino, Doppio Espresso and Espresso Macchiato.

I can’t wait to have one of these new drinks!

Steven Zussino

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