- MXQ Openelec TV Box with Fully Loaded Kodi - $59.99 (70% off) Cord Cutting!
  • May 6, 2016
  • By Steven Zussino
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  • 0 – MXQ Openelec TV Box with Fully Loaded Kodi – $59.99 (70% off) Cord Cutting!

If you are starting to cord cut your cable/Netflix, try this option to save a lot of money!

We found a highly rated tv box that is setup at 70% off (usually over $200) and includes so many add-ons and plugins you can throw out your cable!


  • This box is loaded with the latest version of OpenElec 6.0 with Kodi Isengard Fully Loaded. Kodi is faster and more stable on Openelec. This box runs Kodi like $200 Android boxes!
  • Kodi works perfectly on this box compared to Android boxes with worse performance. No more buffering!
  • Box is fully loaded with all addons and completely updated; watch Movies, TV Shows, Youtube, Sports, PPV, Live TV and Much More!
  • We guarantee the performance and speed of your new Droidbox MXQ TV Box! Cut the cord with the Droidbox MXQ TV Box with Openelec!

This box is fully loaded, so it comes preinstalled with addons and the repositories necessary to update them. The following addons are included:

Exodus– Streaming Movies and TV Shows in 1080p quality. Works fine. No buffering or cache issues and source loading is very quick.

Stream all the Sources – Streaming Movies and TV Shows in 1080p quality. Works fine. No buffering or cache issues and source loading is very quick.

Pro Sport – NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, NFL, Soccer, WWE, MMA, and Boxing streams from reddit. SD and HD quality.

Castaway – Same as above, streaming sports addons. More streams available for international sports.

1Channel – Streaming Movies and TV Shows. DVD Quality. Solid backup if Exodus and SALTS go down.

CanTVLive – Canadian channels. Very few channels available. Only working ones were Global, CPAC, and some other channels. TSN and Sportsnet are listed but not working. I don’t care because the games are all available on Pro Sport and Castaway and TV shows are on Exodus. I do miss CP24 though.

Cartoon HD – Has all animated TV shows available for kids. Some streams are SD, some are HD. All good quality.

Cartoons8 – Cartoons and Dubbed and Subbed Anime. 720p HD. Excellent addon with all animated shows available.

CCloud TV – IPTV. Best channels I found were A&E, AMC, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Discovery, ESPN, History, Nat Geo, Nick, CW and lots more. Constantly updated. Lots of international content as well.

Football Today – Recorded soccer games. All working. Quality is excellent. Games were updated.

Icefilms – Movies and TV shows streaming in both 480p and 720p. Very high quality addon.

NBA Full Games – Recorded NBA games. Updated. All working in 720p quality.

NBA on Demand – Same as above. A better UI though.

NBA League Pass – Access the NBA League Pass service. Paid. Subscription required.

NHL on Demand – Recorded NHL games. Updated. All working in 720p quality.

NHL Gamecenter Live – Access the NHL GameCenter Live. Subscription required. 1080p quality. If you have an account with Rogers, hover over the add-on and press the menu button (three line button). Then enter your Username and Password and select “Rogers Login”.

NFL Game Pass – Access the NFL Game Pass service. Paid. Subscription required.

NJM Soccer – Watch live soccer games in HD. All leagues and country matches available. Very reliable.

Phoenix – A streaming community. A variety of great content. Movies, TV shows, sports and more. Would need a whole review just to describe Phoenix.

ToonMania – Cartoons and English Dubbed Anime. All working and in HD quality.

TwitchTV – Watch people play video games. 1080p.

UK Turk Playlists – Variety of IPTV links, including lots of British channels (BBC, ITV etc.) Also has Turkish channels streaming in HD.

WWE Online – Watch WWE and UFC recorded events. Updated. Most in HD.

Youtube – Working. 720p. For some reason Youtube works on this box and it doesn’t work on my Android box (even though its updated on my Android box). Not sure if this is because of Openelec or the merchant has done something. Version number is different compared to Android. Anyways, it works perfectly.

IPTV Stalker PLUS – Paid IPTV Service. Access the NFPS, Rocket, and IPTV66 services here. HD and SD American and Canadian channels. Subscription required.

IPTVSubs – Paid IPTV Service. Access the IPTVsubs services here. HD American and Canadian channels. Subscription required.

Live Mix – Mix of US and UK channels. All excellent quality.

Livestream – Access the service. Free with a search feature.

Release HUB – Movies, TV Shows and Sports events. All SCENE releases. Get it from the source here.

Genesis: Specto – A fork of the famous Genesis add-on. 1080p Movies and TV shows. Works very well and a viable alternative if Exodus is down. – Paid live sports subscription service. 1080p quality. Subscription required.

The Music Source – Listen to the latest music. High quality MP3 and WMA streams.

UpBuzz – Watch scene releases. Movies and TV shows. 1080p quality streams.

Velocity – Watch Movies and TV shows. 1080p quality. Great Exodus alternative.

VidTime – Movies, TV shows, PPV and Sports events. Excellent, reliable addon.

USTVNOW Plus – Watch US Live TV. Free subsciption required. Basic cable channels working. You get free HD with your first 40 days of subscription. There are also paid options available for more channels and HD service after the first 40 days. You can also just make a new subscription after the 40 days to continue the HD streams. Free and legal.

Addon Installer – App Store for Kodi. Install new addons here.

Raw Maintenance – Maintenance for Kodi. You can clear your cache, purge packages, and clear thumbnail cache. Recommended every 2-3 months.

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