2016 Holiday Gift Guide - Two Bows Bros - Archery Combo Set
  • December 4, 2016
  • By Steven Zussino
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2016 Holiday Gift Guide – Two Bows Bros – Archery Combo Set

Three years ago while living in their 800 square foot apartment, brothers Duncan and Hayden together with their mother, Elisha decided to figure out a way to earn some extra money. Being huge fans of playing in the outdoors, Duncan and Hayden, under their creative, entrepreneurial guidance of their mom, took out a $50 loan from their mother to create and develop a durable, kid-friendly nostalgic  bow and arrow. The boys and their mother then took their finished product to a local craft fair to sell their bows and arrows. The boys sold 15 out of 18 bows and arrows they made and they used the profits to reinvest and do more shows. It was during this time that they picked up their first gift shop to sell their products and they also caught the eye of a toy sales representative who wanted to carry their line. From these early beginnings, Two Bros Bows, LLC was born.

Having had a chance to try this bow and arrow combination – let me say that this would top any video game. It was so easy to use and get going with this out of the box.


I recommend getting this combo kit for just $50.
The perfect combo set to get you started on your Two Bros Bows outdoor adventure! One Camo bow, 3 matching arrows, 1 bullseye and one Camo Quiver Bag.
I recommend this for kids at least 6 years old (due to the supervision involved). It was really safe I felt and such a good toy to teach hand/eye coordination.
With the help of their Mom’s Adult supervision, the boys help fabricate and make all business decisions together as a family with their kid-friendly and safe bow and arrows. Two Bros Bows believes in the future of their education and 15% of all sales goes towards their college fund.

Steven Zussino

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