Mentioned in - Free Stuff on Your Birthday eBook

Mentioned in – Free Stuff on Your Birthday eBook

Our free eBook is making the rounds of the Canadian media recently.

Popular personal finance blog, Walletpop, wrote a post that described our eBook as the following, “It’s called Free Stuff on Your Birthday for Canadians, from Grocery and it’s a handy resource that will help you to take advantage of all of the goodies in your area.

Some of the offers are “buy one, get one free” or similar and there are discount offers from clothing stores that offer you 10 or 15% off for the week of your birthday or something similar. While not free in the strictest sense of the word, these offers are certainly welcome chances to save money.”

Visit Walletpop to see the review.

Steven Zussino

Steven Zussino is the co-founder of Grocery Alerts Canada. He loves to help Canadians save money on groceries. He also runs the blog,