Wine Tasting Class Overview - The glass does matter!

Wine Tasting Class Overview – The glass does matter!

Lina and I attended a wine tasting sponsored by Libbey Foodservice on Sunday at the BC Foodservice Expo.

The host was David Negrete who works for Libbey Foodservice in San Diego, California. Dave has extensive experience as a Sommelier, and was certified in 1995 by the Court of Master Sommeliers. He has worked in some very prestigious restaurants, including Aqua and Farallon in San Francisco, he has trained with reputable chefs such as Michael Mina and Mark Franz.

The purpose of the wine tasting was to show that it is important to have the proper wine glass for the wine. Each wine maker has a different intention on what they are hoping you would taste in their wine (more fruit , more acidity, more oakiness).

As you can see from the photos above, we tasted 4 different BC wines. David commented that he was shocked how much in taxes we pay up in Canada for wine.

  1. The first wine was a 2008 Jackson Triggs Sauvignon Blanc.
    David mentioned that we all have different imprints from our background. He is part Latin American and tastes differently from us.
    What he made us do is drink from the first glass and then we poured the remained in the spitting glass and drank from that (different shape and size). We were better able to taste the grapefruit in the wine.
    The audience along with Lina and I were shocked at the difference in taste with the subtle change of drinking from another glass.
  2. The second wine was a 2008 Jackson Triggs Reserve Chardonnay. We drank this out of a V-shaped glass.
    To the consumer it has a more perceived value – looks greater than a 2 oz pour. We drank out of this glass and then tried drinking this wine in the first glass and I didn’t taste much of a difference.
  3. The third wine we tasted was a 2008 Cedar Hills Estate Pinot Noir.This is the thinnest and most delicate of the grape varieties. It has less tannins, therefore less colour. There were hints of cherry and blackberries.
    We switched glasses into the fourth glass and you could really taste the acidity right away. If the winemaker wanted to show the fruit more, you would taste in a different glass.
  4. The fourth wine was a Mission Hill 2008 Reserve French Oak Cabernet Sauvignon. The glass had a micro bead around the edge for servers that are hard on glasses.

    We switched glasses into the fourth glass and you could really taste the acidity right away.

We really enjoyed attending this wine tasting and we recommend people that have an interest in wine or enjoy wine to attend one. We learned plenty and I saw firsthand what a difference the wine glass makes on the taste. This would be a great group activity or team-building exercise for a company. I enjoyed the first two wines more and the Cabernet Sauvignon was my favorite wine to drink. Very fun!

I was really impressed in the quality of their glasses. The glasses made a crystal like ping when we cheered but they were not crystal!

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