What is the difference between 100% Canadian milk and frozen desserts?

What is the difference between 100% Canadian milk and frozen desserts?

Do you know what the difference is between a frozen dessert and ice cream using 100% Canadian Milk?


It is a tricky question because some products at the grocery store do not have the 100% Canadian Milk logo on them.

“Real ice cream is made from milk. But in freezer aisles across Canada, ‘frozen desserts’ are masquerading as ice cream, fooling unsuspecting customers every day,” says Solange Heiss, assistant director, marketing and nutrition communications at Dairy Farmers of Canada. “Real ice cream is incredible, fresh, natural and delicious! Nothing beats it!”

To find the real deal, Canadians are encouraged to visit realicecream.ca. On the site, they can find out which ice cream is made from 100% Canadian milk. In-store advertisements in over 1,390 stores from June to July, together with out-of-home advertisements, visibility in ice cream shops, and sponsored messages on television will also encourage Canadians to do the same.

Many of the products for sale in the ice cream aisle in grocery stores are ‘frozen desserts’ that are often made with edible oil products and don’t contain the nutrients naturally found in milk. DFC is asking consumers to take the time to read the nutrition facts on the label. Frozen desserts are made with oils like palm kernel or coconut oil, while ice cream is made from 100% milk (including ingredients derived from milk, such as cream, skim milk powder, whey powder).

During weekends from June 23 to July 15, ice cream-loving Canadians can meet friendly ice cream ambassadors equipped with retro ice cream tricycle carts and enjoy samples of real ice cream made from 100% Canadian milk, including Halifax, Toronto, Montreal,Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Look for the 100% Canadian Milk Symbol
Dairy products bearing the 100% Canadian Milk symbol certify the origin of the milk used – it’s renowned for its high quality, purity and great taste – and buying them supports local dairy producers and the economy.

Have you been tricked in buying a frozen dessert?

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