Welfare Food Challenge - Shopping list

Welfare Food Challenge – Shopping list

Well, I started planning my shop for the Welfare Food Challenge next week (starts October 16, 2012).

I have only spent $20.23 of my $26 budget (78% of my budget).

Basically, I had to shop at 3 local grocery stores and have just 20% left on the budget to spend. I needed to keep a little extra room in the budget for when the new flyers come out next week. I have most of the meals planned but I left some room for the last few days.

One of the major challenges I had with an ingredient list was the balance of needs and wants. I love fresh fruit (pineapple, bananas, strawberries), but no room was available in the budget. I ended up with apples, and great looking oranges.

I also found that getting fat in my diet would be important so instead of buying a fresh fillet of salmon or frozen, I bought 2 cans of wild salmon (from Alaska) and 1 avocado.

I have not decided to buy rice and potatoes to avoid an over-concentration of starch in the diet.

I love to eat eggs so this week it will be fun to try so many different ways to prepare eggs (I plan to surprise myself)!

The grocery shop, took more time than I thought. It gave me more appreciation of how much time is required for someone with a limited grocery budget to plan effectively.

Here is my ingredient list:
Item Price Total Store
Avocado Avocados $0.67 each $0.67 Walmart
Cinnamon (Bulk) $1.34/100g $0.54 Save-on-Foods
Apples (MacIntosh) $.58 /lb $1.07 Oxford Foods
Carrots $1.79 for 3 lb. $1.79 Walmart
Dried Lentils Green Lentils $1.79 Walmart
Curry Spice (bulk) 1.79/ 100g $0.36 Save-on-Foods
Eggs (Dozen) $2.67 Walmart
Broccoli Not purchased yet.
Cabbage (Green) 1.01 kg $.49/lb $2.16 Walmart
1 570g loaf of 100% wholewheat bread 0.98 $0.98 Oxford Foods
10 lb of potatoes Not purchased yet.
1 lb of onions .62 /kg $0.6 Oxford Foods
Quinoa (bulk) Not purchased yet.
Wild Salmon (Can) 213g tin 0.98 $1.96 Oxford Foods
Seedless Oranges $0.77 lb $0.77/lb $2.58 Walmart
Rolled Oats $.39/100g $2.06 Save-on-Foods
1 Can Tomatoes Great Value Canned Tomatoes $1.00 each $1 Walmart
Total $20.23

Some of the meals planned include: Lentil Burgers, Frittata, Onion Soup, and Cabbage Rolls.

What are your thoughts?

Steven Zussino

Steven Zussino is the co-founder of Grocery Alerts Canada. He loves to help Canadians save money on groceries. He also runs the blog, CanadianTravelHacking.com.