Turning Empty Food Packaging into Craft Projects

Turning Empty Food Packaging into Craft Projects

Craft projects don’t have to be expensive, nor they don’t have to come from some fancy craft shop. You might just be surprised what you can make with the remnants of what remains after your kids have polished off many items from the pantry. That’s right – empty
food packaging can be a great starting point for a number of crafts.

You’ll be recycling, saving countless items from the landfill, plus you’ll be keeping your kids (or maybe yourself) busy by making something new!

Here are some great ideas for crafting with your kitchen waste!

Drinks Cartons:

These plastic or cardboard drinks containers are great for designing a bird feeder craft project. You can simply cut a hole in the side to provide room for the birds to reach the food and use as a perch while they get their snacks. Attach a string to the handle or poke holes in it to loop the string through.

Baby Food Jars:

There are all kinds of craft projects you can make with these petite glass jars. From candleholders with little tea lights and coloured sand to snow globes. These small jars really do have many uses. Since baby food jars are often bought in large numbers, why not turn them into party favours for weddings or use them as decorative items at a large event? Just run them through the dishwasher to clean them thoroughly first!

Egg Cartons:

Because they are made from cardboard or Styrofoam, egg cartons are often very versatile for craft projects. They are easy to cut and kids can shape them into whatever they would like to make. Why not assist the children with cutting up the cartons to make flowers and animals? Then personalise each item with paints, markers, glitter glue, pipe cleaners, and other standard craft materials. Hours of crafting fun for very little money!

Cereal Boxes:

Since there is often plenty of cardboard to work with, all types of creative projects can come from this versatile food packaging. You can make everything from cereal box sandals to masks to hats and even tote bags! Great for kids’ dressing up boxes! You can also turn them into decorated storage boxes for trinkets, puppets, baby mobiles and more! Cereal boxes are easy to cover in all types of materials because of their wide flat surfaces. For instance, they can also be converted into a gift box to use as the packaging
for any one of these crafts that may be given to a loved one! Alternatively, they can even be used from the inside out as these are usually free of any print or designs, leaving the little artist with a blank palate from which to create.

Plastic Snack Bags:

From crisp packets to biscuit bags, these are also versatile food packaging that can be recycled and used within a craft. The snack bag chain bracelet is a fun idea that takes a large crisp bag and makes the most of the traditional chain-folding technique to make a colourful and unique bracelet. Snack bags can even be sewn together in a quilt like fashion and lined with felt to make a small handbag or purse that any child would love to carry their trinkets in! Chocolate bar wrappers can be used on top of cardboard, which you can bind together with cardboard pages to make a notebook or sketchbook for a practical craft!

Happy crafting!

The possibilities of food packaging for craft projects are really limitless and simply require a little imagination! It will be sure to give you hours of fun plus make you feel good that you are making something new from something used, saving it from being added to the
mounting trash!

This article was written on behalf of The Splash, an online magazine that has a number of other green tips you might enjoy, including these eco cleaning articles.

Steven Zussino

Steven Zussino is the co-founder of Grocery Alerts Canada. He loves to help Canadians save money on groceries. He also runs the blog, CanadianTravelHacking.com.