Tips for saving money on your Halloween party

Tips for saving money on your Halloween party

October is right around the corner, many people are planning halloween parties. Depending on the size of your crowd, your party could get costly. Here are a few ways to plan a spooktacular halloween party on a budget.

Tips for saving money on your Halloween party

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Keep the Menu Budget Friendly

Plan your menu early. Considering that the cost of food makes up a lot of the party expense, carefully planning the menu selection can significantly reduce cost. When buying groceries, start your shopping a few weeks before the party. This will help eliminate a last minute rush and allows you to plan out how to get the most out of your coupons, instead of impulse buying. For a different but fun way to cut the food expense, consider hosting a pot luck party. Ask your guests to bring a dinner dish, appetizer or a halloween themed desert, or simply inform guests that the party is an after dinner party, with light snacks. Finger foods are a cheap alternative to a Halloween feast.

Decorate like a zombie on the cheap

Decorations make up another large portion of a party budget. To decorate on a budget, shop online party supply stores. Party supply stores often sell items in bulk, at a lower cost. A search can reveal different companies that accept  coupons, or coupon codes for even more savings. The local dollar store or thrift store is another good place to purchase party supplies. These stores are usually well stocked with the current holiday decorations. Encourage those who are attending the party to bring a small decoration, this will add a little variety to the decorating scheme, and is a creative way to break the ice.

Choose Free Entertainment

Choose free entertainment for your Halloween party. With the latest technology, there is no need to rent karaoke machines, or hire a DJ. Also have your guests bring their favorite music playlist  on a flash drive, and run it through your computer or MP3 compatible device. Online movie providers like Amazon, and Netflix put great holiday movies at your fingertips on the cheap without wasting time and waiting in line to rent movies.

Rent or Borrow the Big Stuff

If you find that you have don’t have the items that you need for your party, such as tables, chairs or large serving containers, borrow instead of buy, unless you absolutely need it for other occasions. With rent to own companies, tables and chairs are available for rent for a small fee.

Use Creativity for Beautiful Invitations

Instead of spending money on over priced invitations, unleash your creative side and make your own personalized invitations. This can be done with a paint program, online invitation creator, or from most word programs. Simply find a festive photo from a stock site, or take your own photograph, and then add a custom letter of invitation. Most physical invitations get lost; send an online invite through email, or social media channels.

Your Halloween party can be a huge success with a little bit of creative planning and smart shopping, using these tips can save a significant amount of money.

Kristen Poole is a stay-at-home mother of three. She enjoys sharing different ways to celebrate a holiday party on a budget.


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