Thrifty Foods Printable Internet Coupon Policy

Thrifty Foods Printable Internet Coupon Policy

Some great news from Thrifty Foods – a major chain in Vancouver Island and the lower mainland.


They accept Internet Printable coupons with a number of conditions:

Good morning Steve,
Thank you for your inquiry. We do in-fact accept internet coupons that meet the following criteria:
Thrifty Foods honours all Internet coupons with the following criteria:

  • The coupon is not for a specific Retailer
  • Coupon is presented at the time of purchase
  • The Clearing House has a Canadian Address
  • The coupon has an expiry date and is not expired
  • The coupon is for the item being purchased
  • Only one coupon per item
  • The coupon has a bar code (optional)
  • The value of the coupon is less than 25% of the retail price (no free product)

Thank you.

Great news!

Steven Zussino

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