Seven Refillable Items : Saving Money & the Planet

Seven Refillable Items : Saving Money & the Planet

A lot of people assume that saving money and saving the planet are two separate goals, yet this isn’t the case. There are plenty of environmentally friendly solutions that can also help you develop a growing savings account.


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Water Bottles

An easy way to save money is to avoid bottled water. There is nothing wrong with tap water, it is cheaper and just as good for you. By utilising the same bottles over and over, you can replenish your supply of water without wasting plastic.

Using eco-friendly bottles will also help you save money and save the planet. By keeping a bottle at work, in the car, around the house or wherever you need it, you can stop wasting money on expensive bottled water.


Printer Cartridges

A brand new ink cartridge for your printer is not only expensive, but a horrendous use of plastic which is often difficult to recycle. However, depending on your printer, you might be able to use your existing cartridges. There are various companies that will re-fill your cartridge with new ink, in both black and colour varieties, for a fraction of what a new cartridge will cost.



Similar to ink cartridges, disposable pens are a combination of plastic and ink. Since you only want the ink, it makes sense to move to a refillable pen. These pens cost more, but the money you save through replaceable ink over time will make more and more profit as time goes on. Plus, you’ll save the environment through a reduced use of often un-recycled plastics. The same theory also goes for mechanical pencils.


Soap dispensers

Typically, soap comes in a dispenser that is thrown away. More than a waste of plastic, you’re throwing away a perfectly good pump. Instead, keep hold of the pump and buy hand soap that you can refill the dispenser with. This is much cheaper than a new dispenser, and has much less in the way of wasteful material.



Not everyone smokes, but those who do can end up spending a lot of money on lighters. If you’re noticing a theme here, it is that plastic not only harms the environment, it gives companies an extra reason to charge you. Refillable lighters not only look much better, but can be refilled cheaply. An initial cost, the refills will eventually make a profit and reduce plastic waste.


Shopping Bags

This tip is one that many supermarkets encourage, but is still overlooked by a lot ofconsumers. With more stores now charging for the use of plastic bags, it is better to buy a ‘bag for life’ and get in the habit of taking it with you when you go shopping. If you don’t always plan that far ahead, consider having one in the car or at hand whenever possible, just in case you need to do some last-minute shopping.


Car Oil

Finally, while using a vehicle itself isn’t environmentally friendly, you can at least improve the
use of oil and other motoring fluids. For instance, while oil can be bought in a container, it is often
cheaper to buy a jerry can and store what you need in the same container each time. This will also
save you driving to fill the car up every time you need fuel.

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