Self Serve Checkouts - Making self-serve more personal

Self Serve Checkouts – Making self-serve more personal

A new self-serve checkout system is hitting the market that may help personalize the self-serve experience for shoppers. At an event at its Canadian headquarters in Mississauga, Ont. last month NCR showed off its Enterprise Preference Manager. Launching this fall, the system will let shoppers customize the self-serve experience. They’ll be able to decide whether they want a printed or emailed receipt, create an avatar to guide through the checkout process in the language of their choice, as well as decide which side of the screen they want the keypad on (something that’s especially useful for left-handed shoppers since most keypads are designed for righties). self-checkout-station

To customize their self-serve checkout, customers simply go to the retailer’s website and enter their preferences. Once at the checkout they simply type in a code, such as their cellphone number, and their preferences pop up on screen, says Mike Webster, NCR’s vice-president of retail.

The system is designed to save shoppers’ time. If a customer always buys the same six produce items, the cash register screen will show those items first, eliminating the need for the customer to scroll through screen after screen of produce to find their tried-and-true apples. There are other benefits, too. For example, moms with children who are allergic to peanuts can ask to be warned if they scan an item that contains nuts.

I actually like using self-checkout. It is accurate and seems to speed up the process for checkout. I don’t have any problems with the retailer storing my options – however- if they suggest additional items to purchase at that point I would be upset.

What is everyone’s thoughts on self checkout?

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