Do any grocery stores bake their pies fresh anymore?

Do any grocery stores bake their pies fresh anymore?

Last evening, I was trying to redeem a raincheck for free bakery pie (back from Easter) at my local Safeway (Victoria, BC).

Again, they were out of pies so I asked someone from the bakery if I could substitute for a lemon meringue pie. They told me they would grab another one from the freezer.

Excuse me! I was shocked to learn that Safeway bakeries do not cook their pies in-house anymore. The manager told me that the pies are made in Calgary and shipped to the Safeway stores.

Just to show how far this is from my home store, here is a graphic I made. It is approx. 1,072 kilometres or 666 miles.

Pie Food Miles

It is unbelievable that a simple pie needs to be baked for cost reasons in a factory 666 miles away.

Do bakeries need to disclose that the food you are eating was not made locally? I could understand if my city did not have access to these ingredients but to make a pie does not take much. Apples are available all season. I honestly have no idea when the pie was even baked.

When I picture a bakery, I picture fresh baking happening like the photo below.

Have all the major grocery chains stopped baking in their “bakeries”?

Does your grocery store make its own pies? Are you sure?

Steven Zussino

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