Review of Sodastream Soda Maker for Canadians

Everyone has probably seen the Sodastream by now. It is a device that allows you to make your own homemade soda with water and the SodaStream kit, which comes with 12 different flavors.

A major advantages of using the SodaStream kit, is the money saving involved for heavy sparkling water or club soda drinkers. You also have the option to make your seltzer or club soda as fizzy as you like it with a SodaStream.

I was eager to see if the machine would help Canadians save money on soda and reduce plastic waste usage at home.

SodaStream sent us their Starter Kit (along with a selection of their popular soda mixes). The kit includes Eco Sodastream, 1 60L carbonator and 2 x 1L BPA free plastic bottles along with the 1 different flavors.

The carbonator is rated to make 60 or 110 liters of Soda, the equivalent of anywhere between 170-310 cans of soda pop.

I simply inserted the Co2 canister inside the unit and attached the lid into the base. No electricity was needed, and setup could not have been quicker. I then filled the 1 liter bottle with water, chilled it, and then easily screwed it into the units exterior nozzle.  I quickly pushed the button located on top of the unit 3 times, and my water was instantly transformed into carbonated seltzer.  I then added my flavoring, sealed the top and shook the container.

Ultimately, this is a great device for Canadians that would like to reduce the amount of plastic they produce and use and to cut down on trips to their recycling depot.

I think it is great for carbonated drinks (adding your own exotic mixes). The device is pricey ($110) but well worth in the long run.

It is a tool where parents can make better soda choices for their children. I suggest adding fresh juice to the carbonated water for a nice treat. It is a really easy machine and fun to use!

The company has relationships with many retailers so it will be easy to get your device serviced and gets CO2 pack refills.

I found that their sodas are better than most store bought brands (less sweet, less sugar).

Pepsi or Coke drinkers are accustomed the the heavy sugary drink and have a certain taste that their customers love. If you are one of these hard core Pepsi drinkers, the SodaSteam is probably not for you.

I recommend the SodaStream to people that want to make their own soda at home using the flavors SodaStream offers or your own to make your soda drinks healthier. This is also a great buy for Canadian families that consume a lot of soda and would like to reduce their carbon footprint and a great way to save money!

You can order your own SodaStream from their website: or you can find their machines at many popular retailers in Canada.

Steven Zussino

Steven Zussino is the co-founder of Grocery Alerts Canada. He loves to help Canadians save money on groceries. He also runs the blog,