May Day Celebration 2011 | Sea Cider Farm | Victoria BC

We attended the 4th birthday of Victoria BC cidery Sea Cider Farm. We enjoyed a nice bike ride up to the farm (near Sidney, BC).

It was a great day for the May Day celebration.

We were given a tour by Sea Cider owner/operator/cidermaker Kristen Jordan. We see so much of our fruit imported to BC from all over the world and it was nice to see local food (celebrate the 100 mile diet).

She has an interesting history, she inherited a family acreage as a teenager and started to enjoy cider while at boarding school in Wales. It wasn’t until she was in her 30s when she took a course in Washington State about creating cider that she was interested in creating cider commercially.

We sampled their

Here is Lina with the view of the Saanich peninsula in the background (they have trees on one side to guard from the heavy winds).

It was nice to see so many different apples grown here on the island. She explained the difference between cider apples and grocery store apples.

Grocery Store Apples:

  • uniform
  • attractive
  • sweet

Cider Apples:

  • unattractive
  • ununiform
  • acidic

Here is some of the finished bottled product:

Here is a picture inside the ciderhouse.

May Day Celebration 2011 |  | Victoria BC

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