It’s Time To Defrost Your Freezer!

It’s Time To Defrost Your Freezer!

It’s one of the things that all homeowners resent doing the most: defrosting the freezer. However it simply has to be done, mainly because not doing so will increase the freezers energy consumption which will not only increase the energy consumption damaging the environment but this will also drastically increase the amount of money it costs to run.

So with that in mind in this short article we are going to be looking at how you can easily defrost your freezer. The first thing that you need to do is unplug and empty the freezer entirely simply because the food will become damp and ruin if left in there while the freezer is defrosting. A good way of keeping all your good frozen while doing this process is to put them all together while ice in a bag,
and then put the bag in a cool place, ideally your fridge if it will fit.

After that you should also remove all the racks and any other removable parts of the freezer, this will help with the speed of the defrosting process seeing as any removable parts act as a conduit for the cold temperature. Additionally this is a great time to clean any grime of the removable parts while you wait for them to defrost, hot soapy water works wonders here.

Next you need to lay down some form of absorbent paper (for example newspaper or kitchen towels). After that you can just leave the fridge over night to defrost, or if you want to speed up the process you can boil a bowel or two or water and put them inside the freezer. This way the heat and steam will speed up the melting process, remember to try and avoid spilling any water on the
freezer as it could quickly chill and slow down the defrosting process.

Finally another thing which you can do to speed up the defrosting process id to take something rigid such as a butter knife, and using it as a ‘pick axe’ simply chip away at any stubborn bits of ice that are refusing to melt. Again try to be careful at this stage as you could end up injuring yourself.

One you freezer is completely defrosted you need to make sure that the freezer is completely, use a towel if you have to but remember that any water that is left in there will quickly refreeze quickly essentially wasting any effort that you have put into this task.

So there you have it folks the easiest way to defrost you freezer while causing the least amount of stress on your behalf.

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