Interesting Figures Beer in Canada | The Beer Store

Interesting Figures Beer in Canada | The Beer Store

The ‘May two-four’ weekend represents the unofficial kickoff of beer season.  We wanted to share Interesting Figures about the beer industry in Canada:

  • Did you know that BC, Ontario and Quebec are the top provinces in Beer Consumption in Canada?
  • The production, sale, and marketing of beer generates more than 205,000 jobs.
  • This summer Canadians will consumer 356 Olympic sized pools!
  • Canadians beer consumption per person is 83.6 litres each year.
  • Coor’s Light is Canada’s best selling beer.

Click on the graphic below to see a cool summary of the Canadian Beer Industry.

With roots dating back to 1786, Molson Coors Canada is proudly celebrating its 225th anniversary this year.

Shoppers can also pick up the new Coors Light 60-pack available at the everyday low price at $82.95. In Ontario, the 60-pack is only available at the Molson Coors Retail Store attached to the Toronto brewery.

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