Inside a Starbucks in Istanbul Turkey

Inside a Starbucks in Istanbul Turkey

We have recently came back from a trip to Europe where we stopped in Istanbul.

One of our first stops was at a neighbourhood Starbucks.

One of the major things we loved about Istanbul was the amazing food. This Starbucks (first coffee shop we saw off the cruise ship) had a good selection of the local sweets we saw at other bakeries.

Before you get worried about the prices – everything is in Turkish Lira (roughly 2 times the price of the Euro which was thirty percent higher than Canadian currency at the time). I was impressed with the selection of pastries and treats available – compared to North American stores.

Even though we had access to great and free food on our cruise, we decided to get a little treat. This was a moist chocolate cake with cherry topping and more chocolate. It was OK but we had better treats elsewhere.

What pastry would you get in Istanbul? (this is one city we really want to return to – nice setting and lots to see and do).

Steven Zussino

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