How to get a Steakhouse-Quality Crust at Home

How to get a Steakhouse-Quality Crust at Home

When I go out for dinner, I enjoy to have  a nice steak!

Well, unfortunately, I do not have $40 every night to enjoy a steak so here is a way to get a nice steakhouse-quality steak like the Keg at home.

According to Cook’s Country, you need to rub the steak on both sides with a mixture of equal parts salt and moisture-absorbing cornstarch. The salt both seasons the steak and draws moisture to the surface.

The next step is critical. You need to freeze the steaks, uncovered, for 30 minutes. The moisture drawn out by the salt evaporates in the dry environment of the freezer.

Basically a drier surface for the steak creates a better crust which results in a premium steak at home.

Drier surface = better crust = better steak.

What are your steak grilling tips?

Steven Zussino

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