How does McDonalds manage to make its burgers look so good.

How does McDonalds manage to make its burgers look so good.

In response to a Twitter question to McDonalds Canada from a reader, “Why does your food look different in advertising than whats in the store?”, they had a YouTube response.

I love the fact that this company is upfront with their readers. This video takes a peek behind the scenes at a McDonald’s Canada photo shoot to explain some of the tricks that are used to make you crave a Quarter Pounder.

This video is important because what you see is not always what you get. I remember previous experiences at restaurants and fast-food places and when you see how much work is involved in marketing and making sure each pixel is perfect, it is impossible to replicate on a larger-scale.

As a consumer, I have seen menus with photos that did not use a food stylist. It was exactly what the food looked like but it didn’t exactly make you want to eat at the restaurant.

I don’t see any problem with McDonalds using this “food trickery”. There is just no way you’re making a cheeseburger that costs close to a loonie look great without some tricks.

What do you think about food photography in marketing?

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