How Canadians can get American Magazines for cheap!

How Canadians can get American Magazines for cheap!

It is a well known fact that we pay more in Canada than our American neighbours, even magazine subscriptions.

How Canadians can save money on magazines

I am going to show you how to get your favourite magazines at the lowest price available.

Here is a roundup of the major price differences of magazine subscription prices between Canada and the US. I used in my US pricing and as my Canadian pricing source.

Magazine Canadian Price American Price
GQ Magazine $32.00 $19.99 (37% savings)
Maxim $29.97 $12.97 (57% savings)
Self Magazine $24.99 $14.99 (40% savings)
Bon Appetit $30.00 $15.00 (50% savings)

You can see that the prices are inflated for Canadians to take into account the shopping costs to Canada.  

We are all paying a lot more for our favourite magazines.

I have a trick that will show you how to get your magazine subscription at the absolute rock bottom price.

1. Subscribe for your magazine using a US Address.

Find a US address you can use a temporary address to setup your subscription. This can be a friend’s address or a relative.

Use Google to find the full mailing address.

I usually choose a shelter’s address (as the first issue may be sent to the address depending on the publication date of the magazine). This is not a bad thing as the magazine will be read by others and not wasted!

Make sure you write down the exact mailing address that you used.

When using or other websites that give free or discounted magazines, the only address you can enter are American addresses so you cannot use a Canadian address.

Make sure that you pay with Paypal as these websites will not allow you to enter your Canadian province and postal code in the billing information.

2. Find out how to change your address to Canada.

Once you have successfully subscribed to the magazine, you will need to change your address to your home Canadian address. I recommend using Google to find “magazine name + change of address” or visit (this page lists links to most major magazines where you can change your address).

You can expect the address change to take an issue or between 4-6 weeks before you will start to see the changes.

Final Tips:

  • I recommend getting a longer subscription (2 years as this is usually cheaper).
  • Track which magazines and the dates you changed your address information.
  • Use Google to find coupon codes for (I found 3 year subscriptions to Maxim for under $21)!

Steven Zussino

Steven Zussino is the co-founder of Grocery Alerts Canada. He loves to help Canadians save money on groceries. He also runs the blog,