How Canadians can fly first class to Hawaii for under $350!

How Canadians can fly first class to Hawaii for under $350!

Ok, this is not related to groceries or food, but we love to show a great deal. We are proud members of the Alaska Airlines reward program and want to share a method on how Canadians can fly first class to Hawaii for under $350.

World famous Waikiki Beach

Those of you that live in Alberta and BC can spend approx. $328 to obtain 30,000 Saga Club miles which will get you a FIRST CLASS roundtrip ticket on Alaska Airlines to anywhere they fly in the U.S. (Alaska and Hawaii included), Canada and Mexico.

So you can fly up front out of any of Alaska’s Canadian cities (Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna) for only $328 a person! 

Most Canadians are not familiar with this airline but for us in Western Canada (Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, Edmonton, and Calgary) it is very popular.

They have relationships with other carriers like IcelandAir that let you collect miles quickly and let you use your Alaska miles on more expensive flights.

With this deal, you will take advantage of the weak currency in Iceland at the moment to purchase 25,000 miles on IcelandAir on sale for $328.

Because Iceland Air is partners with Alaska Air and all you need is 30,000 miles to fly First Class on Alaska Air to Hawaii.

The Five Steps to Flying First Class to Hawaii for Under $300:

1) Sign up for the Iceland Air Saga Club.

2) Identify Your Destination.

You can fly to Hawaii or anywhere in the US or Canada that Alaska flies to. See all Alaska Airlines destinations or their map.

Hawaiian destinations serviced by Alaska Airlines include:

  • Honolulu (awesome place)
  • Kona (we went for a week last year and loved it)
  • Kauai
  • Maui (our next scheduled trip)
 3)    Find Availability.

Go to, select your cities. Make sure to check “Use miles,” “award calendar” and to select “First / Business Class.”

You are looking for flights that Alaska Airlines lists as 37.5k miles one way. These are “Super Saver First Class” and these are what is bookable for 30,000 Iceland Air miles round trip.

Yes, Iceland Air will only charge you 30,000 miles for! This a big part of why the deal is so good.

Alaska Airlines Dates to Hawaii

You are allowed one stop over, meaning you could fly from somewhere to Seattle and stop there for as long as you would like before you continue your flight. This adds flexibility when trying to find award seats because you can find one leg one day and the second leg on a future day.

The only issue this presents is that you need to keep an eye on your connection. Iceland Air will not be able to ticket a round trip flight that has two connections longer than four hours, even if they are on the same day, because both will count as stopovers.

4) Purchase Your Miles

Buy 25,000 miles plus a 5,000 bonus for 39,500 Krona or approximately $328 (USD).

Buy Icelandair Award Points

If you are trying to take the family, add a stop in and you’ll save a few hundred extra:

Buy 42,000 miles (plus an 8,400 bonus) for 65,000 Krona or approximately $540.

5)    Call Iceland Air to Book

Their number is 1-800-223-5500 and hit 2 on the prompt to book award travel. You will be charged about $40 in taxes for each ticket, so your net price will be $325 per ticket if you did the sharing double-dip or about $368 if you did not.

There is a change fee of about $80 if you have to alter the ticket in the future.

I wanted to thank Brads Deals for letting us know about this and I heard about this first with our friends at Rewards Canada.

Good luck!

Steven Zussino

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