Homemade Pizza or Boston Pizza?

Homemade Pizza or Boston Pizza?

Pizza is probably the most consumed food by Canadians. We love our pizza. The last time I bought pizza was for the Stanley Cup finals. Yes, 2 large pizzas with tax came to total of $46.48. Ouch… Well, if you ever come to my place for pizza I guarantee that my homemade pizza will be 1/8 of the cost if not less and much much tastier – and healthier!

Being married to an Italian, and knowing that a great Italian wife makes unbelievable pizza, it’s been my mission to perfect the yummiest pizza. The trick to great pizza is in the base. Making the dough so it’s not too heavy or fluffy. I also hold off on the tomato sauce and use natural herbs and spices. This gives my Italian pizzas an Italian flavour with pesto and garlic.

We try to be eat as healthy as possible so I make pizza dough with wholewheat flour, chia and flax seeds. I grind up both the flax seeds and chia seeds before placing them into the lukewarm water along with the dough for 5 minutes. Then adding 1 tbs of olive oil – I start to mix the ingredients together adding in 3 cups of wholewheat flour. Once the dough as had enough time to rise approx. 30-40 minutes. I roll out the base, oil the pizza pan with Organic Virgin Palm Oil from Tropical Traditions and place the dough on top. This oil is perfect so that the pizza will not stick to the pan.

Next – the toppings. Keeping things simple and easy I use what is in my fridge. Fresh homemade pesto is a main ingredient in my fridge as is garlic. I had some green peppers and luckily enough we were given 1/4 leg of  prosciutto. It is very common in European homes to receive food as gifts and we had my mum over the week before.  I sliced the prosciutto nice and thin and sprinkling some Asiago cheese which is an Italian cow milk cheese that when aged has a very strong taste – so I didn’t need to much. Again another gift but this one was from my mother in law when she come to visit.


Ready for the oven – Preheating the oven at a high temperature and cooking the pizza at that high temperature will ensure a crispy crust. The process takes about 1.4 hr. 15 minutes prep and 30-40 minutes for the dough to rise followed by cooking the pizza for 20 minutes. BON APPETIT

What is your favorite type of of pizza?




Steven Zussino

Steven Zussino is the co-founder of Grocery Alerts Canada. He loves to help Canadians save money on groceries. He also runs the blog, CanadianTravelHacking.com.