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We unveil the healthiest Bannock recipe you will ever see!

We reviewed A Feast for All Seasons: Traditional Native People’s Cuisine.

This unique cookbook pays homage to an enduring food culture―grounded in tradition and the power of nature―that transcends the test of time.

The 120 recipes include delectable, make-at home dishes such as Salmon and Fiddlehead Stirfry, Stuffed Wild Duck, Barbecued Oysters, Pan-fried Rabbit with Wild Cranberry Glaze, Clam Fritters, and Wild Blueberry Cookies. The book also features recipes with exotic ingredients that provide a fascinating glimpse into the history of Native cuisine: Moose Chili, Boiled Porcupine, Smoked Beaver Meat, and Braised Bear.

Some of the recipes have very exotic ingredients for most Canadians, but I really like the authentic recipes the book has.  When I travel and people ask me what is Canadian cuisine, I usually say, nice salmon or a recipe involving maple syrup or blueberries or poutine but this is authentic (based on my experiences living in Ontario) Canadian food.

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