Farmers Dairy, "BEEP" juice is resurrected

Farmers Dairy, “BEEP” juice is resurrected

Have you ever tried Beep “Juice”?

You may think I did a typo when I put the word juice in quotes? I didn’t.

What’s in it? The ingredients for BEEP drink are: water, sugar, concentrated orange juice, concentrated apple juice, apricot puree, citric acid, prune syrup, orange pulp, modified corn starch, canola oil, flavour, sodium citrate, colour, sodium benzoate and ascorbic acid.

Can you imagine having canola oil in your “juice”?

I heard about this via Scott Simpson – Broadcaster at News 95.7 &, that Beep will be sold in retro packaging in 1L and 500mL sizes from mid-June to October. It has a shelf life just over one month, so fans will be able to enjoy it unspoiled until a little before Christmas.

Have any of our readers ever tried Beep? It looks familiar but I can’t say as an adult if I have ever bought this?

Steven Zussino

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