Best Items to Purchase in November

Best Items to Purchase in November


Sales always come in cycles and there are a few items that are at their cheapest in November. Find out what you can stock up on or cross off of your Christmas list this month.


Outerwear– Clothing stores usually have their seasonal items available long before they are actually needed. If you’ve been putting off buying a new winter jacket, now is the time.

Wine– You’ll find the largest selection of wines this time of year since harvest is coming to a close.

Baking supplies- Companies will start enticing you to buy their particular brand of baking supplies in anticipation of some holiday baking. You can stock up on flour, butter, sugar, spices etc.

Candy– Take advantage of rock-bottom candy prices post-halloween. They make great stocking stuffers!

Carpeting and flooring- Most people are thinking about where all the money for the holidays is coming from and NOT re-carpeting their home. If you can spare the cash and have been thinking about re-flooring, you’ll find the cheapest prices now until January.

Whole Turkey- Since we’re in between the two most Turkey-filled times of year right now (Thanksgiving and Christmas, of course), stores don’t really know what they’re supposed to do with all of those left-over or pre-ordered turkeys other than to put them on sale. Store yours in the freezer until you’re ready to roast it.


Steven Zussino

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