BBQ Buying Guide Tips and Tricks

BBQ Buying Guide Tips and Tricks

With all the new bells and whistles available in BBQ’s these days, grill-shopping can seem more like luxury car shopping, and can send folks running for a frying pan to cook that sirloin, rather than have to endure the headache of choosing.


With grilling season nearly upon us, Napoleon Gourmet Grills has come up with this list of tips on how to pick the grill that’s right for you.

Buying a grill all depends on your needs. BBQ’s today can range from the basic grill like the SE325 Terrace Gas Grill, to the Cadillac of grills like the OASIS® Modular Islands. “Technology has completely transformed BBQ’s from what they used to be – they are bigger, better, and more complex – which can make choosing, confusing” says Dave Coulson of Napoleon.

Here are some tips to help choose what is best to suit your needs:

You get what you pay for.

In most cases, BBQ’s are priced according to quality. Do your research, but if you want a quality grill that’s going to last a while, be prepared to pay for it.

Buy local!

Canadian and US manufacturers have an outstanding reputation, and it also makes getting parts much easier!

Consider size, accessories and BTU’s.

Don’t go into buying blind, think about what you will be cooking, how many people you will be cooking for and the space it will be sitting in. Going into a buy without planning can result in you getting the “ol’ car salesman” and buying something you don’t actually need.

Check the warranty

Be sure to ask your dealer about what is/isn’t included in the warranty. A good warranty for grills will cover 10 years for burners, sear plates and castings, which are the heart of your grill.

Stick to your budget and take care!

Think about what you can afford, and what you need. Take care of the unit you purchase, and you won’t need to buy another one until technology changes again and you want the latest innovation!

Do you have any tips when purchasing a new barbeque?

We have had ours for several years (purchased at the Real Canadian Superstore – that my wife installed). She is so much better at most installations than I am (I get so frustrated so she is our family IKEA expert).

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