ATB Financial $350 Offer is Back, also get $150 for referring a friend - Alberta Only

ATB Financial $350 Offer is Back, also get $150 for referring a friend – Alberta Only

Yet another offer from an Alberta bank to switch!


Get $350 when you open your new ATB personal chequing account.*

Open your new ATB personal chequing account between April 1 and May 31, 2016. Pick from four account options including our Unlimited Account, ATB Advantage Account, Students First Account, or our Freedom Account.
Set up recurring direct income deposit (payroll, pension or disability) and/or at least two unique recurring pre-authorized payments (bill payments, mortgage or loan payments, contribution to investments, insurance payments, or property taxes) from this account to qualify for the $350 bonus. The first deposit must go into the account or each of the first payments must be withdrawn from the account by August 31, 2016, and each must recur at least once per month in each of the next two consecutive months. What is unique? To be counted as unique, the payments need to either be to a different company, or if it’s to the same company, it needs to be a different type of payment. For example, a mortgage payment and credit card payment to the same financial institution are different payment types (one credit card, one mortgage) and count as two unique payments. However, a payment to the same mobile company for two different cell phone accounts is only one unique payment. Payments made or set up in online or mobile banking are NOT counted as pre-authorized. Sorry, PayPal payments do not count as pre-authorized payments.

Get $350!

Get up to $150 when you refer a friend to open their new ATB personal chequing account.*

If you’re an existing ATB personal chequing account holder, you get up to $150 for every successful friend referral. This includes customers with a Pay As You Go, Basic, Unlimited, ATB Advantage, Students First or Freedom Account. If you’ve been a personal chequing account holder since before January 1, 2015, the bonus is $150. If you opened your personal chequing account on or after this date, the bonus is $50.

Here is a link to this promo (Alberta residents only).

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