Rexall Flyer – Rexall Drug Store Flyer

Rexall Flyer

Rexall is a drug store chain across Canada. The Rexall official website is located here. Rexall is associated with the Aeroplan loyalty program and you earn Aeroplan miles shopping at Rexall. You will also earn earn 1 AIR MILES reward mile for every $10 you spend at Rexall. Rexall currently accepts printable coupons.

Here are this week’s best deals from the Rexall flyer.

The effective date of these deals are Friday Jan 10, – Thursday Jan 16, 2014.

Best Deals:
Ruffles Potato Chips $3.29 ea
Nestlé Bagged Chocolates $1.99 ea
Mars 32g-57g or Hershey’s Chocolate Bars 30g-60g or Cadbury Crème Eggs or Mini Eggs 34g-39g $0.79 ea $0.59 ea
Beatrice Skim 1% or 2% Milk $3.97 ea
Astro Yogurt Tub $1.99 ea
Sensational Soy $2.99 ea
Beatrice Orange or Apple Juice $2.49 ea
Coca-Cola or Pepsi Products 12x355ml Regular or Diet Assorted Varieties or Dasani or Aquafina Water 12x500ml 2 FOR $9.99
Glacéau Vitamin Water 591ml or Rockstar, Monster, Amp, Starbucks or Nos Energy Drinks 444mL-473mL $2.49 ea
Campbell’s Chunky Soup 540mL or Chili 425mL $2.99 ea
Halls 9-Piece Or Excel Lozenges 10-Piece or Tic Tac Mints 50’s $0.99 ea
Lindt Swiss Classic Chocolate Bars $2.29 ea
Popchips $1.99 ea
Nescafé Rich Instant Coffee 200g, Decaf 150g or Taster’s Choice Classic or Decaf 100g $4.99 ea

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