Win a Tetley Green Tea Plus Gift Basket and Review

Win a Tetley Green Tea Plus Gift Basket and Review

We are big fans of Tetley and their tea blends. They have introduced three new blends of New Tetley Green Tea +:

  • Glow: Feel radiant with a refreshing blend of green tea plus grapefruit peel, aloe vera and hibiscus
  • Figure: Start your day off in style with a spicy blend of green tea plus cinnamon, orange peel, ginger and matcha
  • Aware: Tantalize your taste buds with a fruity blend of green tea plus blackcurrant, ginseng, guarana seeds and matcha.

Canadian tea lovers can visit Tetley’s ‘Better U’ Facebook campaign for access to expert mind, body and spirit coaches. Here, Canadians can ask for advice anonymously, participate in weekly challenges and read helpful blog posts to enrich their lives. With a more intense focus on health and wellness in Canada, Tetley’s ‘Better U’ campaign is inspiring informative conversations. Canadians are more health conscious than ever before.

“Green tea not only tastes great but it’s also good for your health,” said Sue Mah, Registered Dietitian and one of Tetley’s Better U expert coaches. “I grew up drinking green tea. It contributes to your recommended daily fluid intake and contains flavonoids. Equally important is that Canadians associate green tea with warmth and relaxation, so taking a break to enjoy a cup of it can bring a little extra balance to a stressful or busy day.”

With the introduction of its new Green Tea + lineup, Tetley now offers 12 flavours of green tea, meaning there’s something for everyone.

I can agree that with these new flavoured green teas that Canadian tea drinkers can look forward to new tea combinations. We enjoy the odd jasmine green tea but many friends of ours don’t like the earthy taste to the typical green tea.

Thanks to Tetley, we have a gift basket of all three types of tea, a mug and kettle, and classic blends in a box!

To win this gift basket, simply comment below on what blend of their new tea you would like to try first or if you prefer their Classic blends!

Contest ends: March 21, 2013.

Good luck!

Steven Zussino

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