Giveaway Wholly Guacamole cooler of goodies

Giveaway Wholly Guacamole cooler of goodies

Having spent many years living in New Zealand I had the pleasure of having an avocado tree in my front yard and avocados on my toast each morning if I so desired. Upon moving to Canada that changed. I no longer had the privilege of fresh avocados at my dispense not to mention the cost of avocados in Canada make it unrealistic to eat them on a regular basis.

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The good news is that I managed to find an inexpensive replacement “Wholly Guacamole.” This super fruit has been preserved using high pressure processing (HPP) technology through the use of high-pressure water rather than with heat or chemicals, making Wholly Guacamole 100% natural.

wholly guacamoleThe best thing about this product is that it comes in 8 different varieties such as spicy, organic, and even a pack with 100 calories per serving. Wholly Guacamole comes packaged into single sized packs (100 calorie) or in a 198g pack to serve up for the whole family. It makes a great substitute for my fresh avocados I love on toast. Wholly Guacamole is more than just a dip, you can add it to your favourite dishes. Click here to view more recipes.

guacamole - wholly guacamoleOver the years I have met a lot of people that pass on this highly nutritious fruit that contains 60% more potassium than a banana and has the highest protein content in any fruit. My husband is one of these people, however when I convinced him how great it was on toast his opinion quickly changed. He now asks me, “Is there any of that guacamole stuff left?”

The company has also added  “Wholly Salsa” and “Wholly Queso” which means cheese. I even recently seen the Wholly Guacamole 198g pack on sale at Walmart for $1, that to me is heaven!

Now for the giveaway, “Wholly Guacamole” has generously offered to giveaway three coolers of Wholly Guacamole and Wholly Salsa products to three lucky winners. 3 winners will be randomly selected on March 8th 2012.

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