How to create a Vegetarian Thanksgiving | Gardein Meat-Free Stuffed Turk'y

How to create a Vegetarian Thanksgiving | Gardein Meat-Free Stuffed Turk’y

When I decided that my household was going meatless to see if we can cut our grocery bill I didn’t think that included Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is only once a year and once a year I can complete lose myself in the kitchen over the weekend with nothing else or no one else to answer to.

This year however I’ve decided to try a meatless Thanksgiving. How on earth am I supposed to do that! I mean turkey is meat and I thought that I was going to let it slide until… I received Gardein stuffed Turk’y. I was now introduced to something that would make my meatless Thanksgiving possible. Here we are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday’s meat free!

Gardein offers a delicious meat free truk’y traditional stuffed with cranberries and gravy. I will also make my own stuffing just because this is one of my favorite parts of my Thanksgiving meal!  The amazing thing about Gardein’s meat free turkey is that not only is it make from veggies and proteins it’s also good for you, easy to make and easy on the calories. This Thanksgiving is taking on an experience I didn’t think was possible.

Here is the menu break down: For further recipe explanation please click on the recipe link below.

Starter: Butternut squash garlic soup
Mains: Stuffed Vegetarian Stuffed Turk’y with a side of sweet potatoes gnocchi and Cranberry Nut stuffing.

Gardein Herb Stuffed Turkey:

Directions: Preheat oven to 450 Degrees F, Bake on baking sheet or flat pan for about 25-20 minutes until crisp. Gravy: Place in a bowl of hot water and defrost for 3 minutes to defrost. Open and heat in microwave or small pot over low heat. Stir and heat for about 3 minutes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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