Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points - Gift Card Promotion - 10% Return on Investment

Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points – Gift Card Promotion – 10% Return on Investment

For the past couple weeks, Shoppers Drug Mart has been featuring bonus point deals. For every $150 spent on gift cards you receive 8,000 Optimum points. With Christmas is just around the corner and the need for Home Depot Gift Cards for our upcoming renovation it was a perfect opportunity to cash in.

I managed to fit in several trips to Shoppers over the past two weeks to score quite the extra bonus points!

Our purchase:

14 x $100 Home Depot Gift Cards

13 X $25 Home Depot Gift Cards

5 x $25 Esso Gift Cards

1 x $50 Esso Gift Card

3 x $25 Chapters/Indigo/Coles Gift Cards

1 x $25 The Children’s Place Gift Card

1 x $25 Sportcheck Gift Card

2 x $25 Homesense Gift Cards

Total Spent:   $2100

Points earned with bonus offer: 112,000

What made this an even bigger deal is that we purchased Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards first before purchasing the gift card so we earned the base Optimum points before earning the bonus points. This is a great tip for future Optimum users.

Just to show the value of these points, here is an example, 95,000 points is worth $170 but on special bonus redemption weekends (upcoming in December), if you redeem 95,000 points, instead of $170 you get $200 ($30 extra), giving us a 10% return on our gift card purchases. We also gained Shoppers Optimum Plus status in gaining over 15000 regular points in a calendar year.

Steven Zussino

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