Sara Moulton's Everyday Family Dinners

Sara Moulton’s Everyday Family Dinners

Sara Moulton is a professional chef and television personality. In her book “Everyday Family Dinners” Sara shares over two hundred family tested and family pleasing recipes. As Sara says “I believe that few things are as beneficial to our health both body and soul as a home cooked meal eaten at the table with family and friends.”

How many times have you said that you didn’t like a particular food and the response was always “well you have try it the way I make it!”

Rest assured I am one of the stubbornness people on the planet. Let me rephrase that – strong minded. When I decide I don’t like something, I really mean it and don’t want to be swayed into believing that I do. The problem was I had just arrived home from the gym and I was famished. I thought let me try out what you got. I do love Lasagne just not Polenta… The taste test was going to be just a small sample, just enough to to tie me over while I made myself a sandwich.

One little sample turned into a plate of Polenta Lasagne. Wow, this recipe was classic. A tasty slow cooked comfort food you expect to see only on a weekend or a special occasion. I’m not going to say I love polenta however I do love Sara Moulton’s Polenta Lasagne and yes my hubby was right once again.

What I really enjoyed about the cook book:

  • Sara Moulton’s Everyday Family Dinners cook book is a week night cook book for busy people that want a healthy home cooked meal prepared in responsible time. Each recipe lists cooking and preparation times.
  • Sara Moulton’s Everyday Family Dinners will save you money. Firstly it is cheaper to eat at home than to eat out and Sara’s favorite ingredients pop up over and over again.
  • I especially liked the insiders tips (or sidebars) Sara gives throughout the cookbook. Since I typically cook all my meals from scratch and at home, she provides details on particular foods with regards to what she knows about the ingredient or quick little pointers on procedures and handling of how to properly perfect your recipes. She’s taken the questions over many years and answered these for you.
  • Each recipe was tested by the tasting panel – her husband and kids. You can bet if your husband and kids all approve and agree on one thing it’s got to be great!

Steven Zussino

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