Review of Tetley Perk | Win a Gift Basket

Review of Tetley Perk | Win a Gift Basket

Anyone up for a cuppa? This is a familiar question that I heard at least twice a day while living in New Zealand. I would hear this once for mid morning tea and again in the afternoon for high tea.

Tetley tea has created a new tea – “The Tetley Perk.” Now Canadians will be the first to wake up to a tea that contains the same amount of caffeine as coffee.

Leave it up to the 170 year old tea making company Tetley. The Tetley Perk tastes just like the Tetley orange pekoe but has the power of a coffee. The Tetley Perk is enhanced with natural sourced caffeine extract.

I was always a tea drinker until I hit my mid twenties. I began looking for perk in the morning to get me going while I was in school. Then the perk or craving got stronger as I realized I had to get up to work! I switched to coffee. Now back in my healthy more relaxed days I have switched back to tea.

I was excited to try out the new Tetley Perk because it has he same amount of caffeine(100mg) in each 175ml cup of coffee but with the health benefits of tea. It tasted better than what I expected.

“Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water.” Tea contains many health benefits like antioxidants and is great for hydration. “The new Tetley Perk offer the best of both worlds.”

The Tetley Perk retails for $4.99 for a box of 72 sachets and will be widely distributed across Canada starting this November. With over 50 different flavours and over 170 years of tea making, I’m sure you can count on Tetley Perk for a great tasting cuppa tea!

Now the giveaway, here is what one winner will receive.

Tetley has provide with a FREE gift basket for one lucky winner. One name will be randomly selected and the winner will be posted Dec. 10, 2011.


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