Review of Doi Chaang Coffee – Piko’s Peaberry (Single Estate)

Review of Doi Chaang Coffee – Piko’s Peaberry (Single Estate)

Grocery Alerts Canada met the Doi Chaang Coffee Company recently at the Canadian Health Food Expo West in Vancouver. image

A little information about their company. They go beyond fair trade like most coffee companies claim, their farmers enjoy a carried position in what is essentially an equal partnership.

First, the farmers are paid in excess of the price recommended by the Fair Trade Organization for their green beans. And they retain 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their beans. Second, in appreciation of the value of their contribution to the venture and the desire to improve the Thai farmers’ living standards, the Canadian group "gifted" the Thai farmers a carried 50% interest of the Canadian company, Doi Chaang Coffee Company.

Over the next five years, annual coffee production is projected to increase to 4,000 tons, of which approximately 60% (2400 tons) of production will qualify as Premium Grade A beans and 5% (200 tons) will qualify as Peaberry beans.

Only those superior beans will be sold under the name Doi Chaang Coffee Company, while the other 35% of production, comprising of various sized and broken beans, will be sold directly by the Thai farmers, for their sole benefit, to international coffee buyers.

Doi Chaang Coffee Company is based in Vancouver, Canada, and the roasting facility is located in Calgary, Canada.

We were blown away when seeing the passion and the sense of community that this company had.



We tried a 1/2 lb of single-estate Piko’s Peaberry coffee when we arrived back in Victoria and were blown away how amazing the flavour was.

We didn’t know what a peaberry was but acccording to their website, a coffee cherry typically produces two flat-sided beans, yet when the cherry produces only one oval shaped bean, it is called a peaberry. The peaberry bean is much smaller with a higher concentrated flavour and represents only 5% of their annual crop.

Their organic, single-origin Peaberry has an intense fruity floral aroma and a heavy full-bodied profile.

Using our coffee grinder and Bodum French Press (grinded less then coarse), my wife and I prepared for our ultimate coffee experience. Each sip was savoured in our first cups. You can taste the hints of fruit and nut flavours (due to the protection of these trees near the coffee plants).

This product is definitely recommended by us and you will be blown away by their whole bean coffee.

It was also given a rating of 93 points by the Coffee Review.

This product is available at many retailers, from their website,

Their blog is located at (great content and always up to date).

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