Review / Giveaway of BBQ 25 by Adam Lang

Review / Giveaway of BBQ 25 by Adam Lang


Great techniques, large color pictures, and straight forward instructions.

I love the thick book pages because it is easy to clean when you are reading while you cook. The book is an easy to read how to manual for BBQ.

I made #13 the Boneless pork loin with a spice glaze, and the results were awesome! I modified hot to cook the roast as I don’t have a proper wood BBQ (propane), I added the smoke by using a little cast iron smoker filled with soaked apple wood chips. The trick about ‘Board Dressing’ really added to roast. The only thing better then the pork fresh from the grill was the cold cut sandwiches the next day.

The picture above doesn’t really show how awesome the pork smelled and tasted. Maybe Adam should do a book on meat presentation and photography. (#1 avoid using a flash because it adds a raw/oily look to your meat.)

Here at last is the perfect book to make a hero out of anyone at the grill.

Adam Perry Lang’s BBQ 25 is its ultra-simplified distillation, created for those times when resources are limited, and space and time are of the essence. Here are step-by-step, foolproof recipes for the 25 most commonly grilled meats-from rib eye to pork rib to chicken wings to sausages-presented in an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, four-color, 64-page board book format.


Recipes include:
  • Rib Eye, Porterhouse, T-Bone and Shell Steaks
  • Lean Cut Steaks
  • Chuck Steaks
  • Beef Back Ribs
  • Brisket
  • Hamburgers
  • Pork Rib/Saddle Chop
  • Spare Ribs
  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Lamp Chops
  • Leg of Lamb
  • Chicken Boneless Skinless Breast
  • Chicken Wings
  • Turkey Breast Boneless
  • Hot Dogs, Sausages and Anything Cased

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