Review/Giveaway of Fire Alert Voice Smoke Alarm

Review/Giveaway of Fire Alert Voice Smoke Alarm

Do you have a fire escape and emergency plan in place for your family?

Do you remember years ago when we all practiced the fire escape and emergency drills in elementary and high school? Why are we not doing the same thing in our homes?

Statistics show that the majority of us don’t have any fire escape or emergency plans in place in our homes.  The National Fire Protection Association recommends that we plan and practice fire escape and other emergency plans at least twice a year at home. It’s one thing to implemented  a plan or installing a smoke alarm however if our plans are not practiced how effective is it?

“These life saving practices can make a real difference.”

First Alert has offered to giveaway a Voice Smoke Alarm that helps better protect your children than the traditional beeping alarms. “Studies show that children ages 6 to 10 years old are awakened more rapidly by voice, so this new technology provides an increased level  of safety. These smoke alarms also help save time by identifying where smoke or Carbon Monoxide  is detected in the home, so residents can determine the fastest and safest ways out. ” is encouraging every family to evaluate their level of prepairdness. Developing a plan and practice a fire escape and emergency plan at least twice a year by regularly testing the smoke alarm and Carbon Monoxide alarms. Implement a step by step process with your family or household in case of an emergency. If the alarm does go off where will you meet outside and what are the alternative escape plan should you be unable to access the preferred exit strategy.

We may all have smoke alarms in our homes but when was the last time they were properly tested? Perhaps the last time you burnt some toast? What if it was more serious than a few burnt pieces of toast?

To develop an effective fire escape plan, First Alert and NFPA offer the following tips:

  • Include everyone in the house hold in the plan. Walk through the home and inspect all possible exits and escape routes. Identify to way out of each rooms including windows and doors.
  • Install smoke alarms in the home and have test them monthly. Changing the batteries every six months.
  • Choose an outside meeting place that is a safe away from the home.
  • Make sure everyone in the home knows emergency numbers, ie: work, fire department, cell phones etc.
  • Lastly but most important once you are out stay out. Inform the firefighters of the missing person. They have the skill and equipment necessary to perform rescues.


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