President’s Choice Black Label December 2012 Review #BlackLabel

President’s Choice Black Label December 2012 Review #BlackLabel

Have you tried the latest President’s Choice Black Label products?

We had the chance to review the latest releases from the President’s Choice Black Label collection. The President’s Choice black label Collection brings an exceptional array of fine foods and flavours from around the world to grocery shoppers across Canada. They provide an incredible value and some of the products were incredible.

President’s Choice black label hickory smoke infused extra virgin olive oil

This extra virgin olive oil has earthy aromas and an infusion of hickory. We used this in a pasta recipe (with pesto and peas) below as a topping for the pasta – the hickory taste is unusual and I would recommend using this with a potato salad or a fancy roast.

President’s Choice black label chocolate strawberry assortment

These strawberries are dried and then covered in premium chocolate to bring an irresistible treat. I prefer the dark chocolate but this was a hit with a number of family members!

President’s Choice black label fiorelli pasta

This 100% authentic italian pasta is made with durum wheat and natural spring water from the Italian Alps. The dough is pressed through bronze dies into a wavy, curly shape that resembles flower buds. It’s then air-dried for a rustic, rough texture that’s ideal for soaking up every drop of sauce. Imported from italy. We enjoyed this with our pea and pesto sauce – the pasta absorbs the sauce very well and I recommend to cook this al dente.

President’s Choice black label apricot and amaretto liqueur fruit spread

This is one of the best jams I have ever eaten! Juice apricots with complementary almond-flavoured amaretto liqueur is perfect on many baked goods and is imported from the United Kingdom. This is full of flavour and sophisticated enough for a dinner party or for afternoon tea.

PC black label almond torta de aceite flatbread

We didn’t know what to expect when trying this flatbread with crushed almonds that are imported from Spain. They also have a touch of sugar, sesame seeds, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil and an intriguing hint of anise seeds. On their own they were OK but when paired with the fruit spread above they were fabulous!

We used these as a base for the jam and they rocked!


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