One Cup Coffee Craze

One Cup Coffee Craze

Are you another coffee lover, looking to make your coffee one cup at a time?

Every since the automatic drip coffee maker replaced the percolator coffee pots, of old, we have been content to make and enjoy our coffee in 10-12 cup batches. All that has changed over the last few years with the invention of the one cup brewing systems.

Taking the coffee world by storm over the last few years, brands like Keurig, Tassimo and Cusinart have manufacture 3 of the most popular brands of these home single serve brewing systems and they coffee pods and especially the K cups have become huge money making corporations from out of the blue.

What makes these new coffee makers so popular?

First of all instead of getting an old, bitter cup off coffee that has been sitting on then hot plate of your automatic drip coffee maker for an hour, you get a fresh cup of coffee, every time, in a minute. You can also choose from 100s of different types of coffee roasts, coffee flavors, tea and even apple cider for every cup. They are also great conversation pieces and great for parties because you can bring over the handy carousel tower, for instance, with the k cups and let your guest pick and choose from all of those delicious flavors over good conversation. You can also fill a variety of cup, mug and travel mug sizes that suit your immediate needs.

The next question is which one of these home brewing systems is for me?

They are all very good models and have their pluses and minuses. The foot prints are small and have been designed to be sleek and appealing appliance to fit most any kitchens and come with a variety of sizes, as well as functions.

The Tassimo has some nice color choices uses the k Cup coffee system but reports have said they are noisy. The Cuisinart is the 3rd best seller of the three brands also uses the K Cup system. They are usually chrome in color and are affordable priced. The Keurig is by far the most popular of the three brewing systems. They have 5 sizes now with a brand new model called the Keurig Vue. Because of the variety of sizes and functions you can place one about anywhere from you office, camp, mobile home and of course your home.

The Keurig one cup coffee systems were the first ones in this market and have earned their place as the leader of the pack. They are the most popular because they have features, benefits and dependability the others do not have, such as: a variety of water reservoir tanks sizes, cup, mug, travel mug and tumbler choices, K-Cup coffee containers are packaged fresh and come in a huge variety of roasts and flavored coffees.

If you like fresh ground coffee, looking to help recycle and help reduce your foot print on our planet, Keurig has made an eco-cup or My K Cup, which is a wire mesh reusable coffee filter designed specifically for the Keurig coffee makers. This great for those who buy and enjoy gourmet coffees and like to have it brewed fresh.

There are a growing number of coffee lovers getting in on this one cup brewing craze and you might be one of them. Do your research and make the right brewing choice for you and your environment. You will love being able to make a fresh cup of coffee in less then a minute anytime you want it.

Chris Shaefer is a freelance writer, researcher and coffee connoisseur. For a comprehensive review of Keurig Single Cup Brewing Systems click here. If you are a gourmet coffee lover, please look at our Best Coffee Secret.

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