McCafé Premium Roast take home coffee review

McCafé Premium Roast take home coffee review

We are big fans of coffee and with the holidays we are spending our break with family and nothing brings family together like a great cup of coffee.

Have you tried McCafe yet? 

McCafe take home coffee review


McDonald’s medium roast McCafé Premium Roast take home coffee, made with finely ground 100 per cent Arabica beans is sealed in a 340 gram bag with a one-way valve and seams to help ensure freshness in every package.

This is available for a special introductory price of $6.99, McCafé Premium Roast take home coffee is the perfect holiday gift for the coffee lover on your list.

We all enjoyed this and made this in our home coffee machine (not our French Press at home in BC). It tasted as good as the McCafe roast coffee at McDonalds. We have gone through a bag in almost 6 days and it has been a major money saver for us while we are visiting.

It is a good value and although we usually buy whole bean coffee because we prefer to grind our own beans, we enjoyed the pre-ground coffee – easy to add to the machine.

What are your thoughts on the McCafe coffee?

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