How to make soft serve ice cream with just one banana

How to make soft serve ice cream with just one banana

Living and working in the city can take a toll on your dietary needs. Chances are you may be more often than not eating on the run or skipping meals in a rush heading out to the daily grind. Factors that may cause you to constantly sacrifice your health in favor of junk food convenience. So what does one got to do especially when it comes to a sweet tooth craving? Your best bet would be to grab a fruit!

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As much as picking them fresh, serving them chopped, sliced or cubed may be the easiest ways to get them to nourish our bodies naturally, a bit of variety is absolutely –a welcome option. Especially when it’s as easy as 1, 2 and 3 and tastes like ice cream!

For this recipe the only ingredient you’ll need is a ripe BANANA. However before we move onto to the How’s, let us first know a few banana facts:

  1. Bananas are an excellent energy source and are rich in natural sugars, that is why it is best to have for breakfast or before any activity that needs your utmost attention.

  2. Bananas are high in the mineral, Potassium, which aids in mental alertness and brainpower.

  3. Bananas are high in Fiber content, which neutralizes your tummy’s over-acidity. They are highly recommended as staple food for people suffering from ulcers, heartburn and even hangovers.

  4. Bananas also contain pectin, a polysaccharide that helps to improve overall digestion and prevents constipation. Restoring normal bowel movement and helping you ease your functions without having to reach for those laxatives.

  5. Bananas have a whole bunch of other nutrients and uses that keep the doctor away. In fact they have technically more protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, vitamin A, iron and potassium than apples.

So, now that we know how great bananas are, here are the How’s to go about this simple yet extremely surprising recipe:

1. GRAB one banana and freeze it for about 24 hrs.

2. CHOP it up.

3. DUMP in the blender.

4. BLEND for a minute or two.

5. POUR into a cup, serves 1!

The result is a consistency similar to soft serve ice cream without the need for dairy!

Depending on your health needs and dietary conditions, you can opt to accessorize and top with your favorite nut, oatmeal and coconut or even chopped up dried fruits.

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