How to brew beer from breakfast cereal

How to brew beer from breakfast cereal

I love food hacks and especially if they involve beer! Have you ever thought of turning an ordinary breakfast cereal into a beer?

While I have been in Europe, I have been watching and reading more European newspapers and I saw this great article in the Guardian.

Provided they have not gone completely stale an author uses a popular British breakfast cereal, “Sugar Puffs”, to make beer.

Although barley is by far the most important cereal for beer-making other cereals are used too.

This particular cereal has fermentable sugars, including 3% honey, and there is also plenty of sugar locked into the starch of the puffed wheat grains.

Puffed wheat is another word for “torrified wheat” and occasionally finds its way into commercial beers.

The recipe for this “breakfast cereal beer” is malted barley, hops and breakfast cereal.

What it lacks is the enzymes needed to convert the starch to sugar.

Fortunately malted barley has more enzymes than are needed to break down the starch in its own grains and can be used to convert starches from other sources. For the purist there is the possibility of using malted wheat grains but they are rather hard to find.

To make this follow the recipe for the author’s orange beer forgetting about the orange peel and sugar and replacing the malt with 1.2kg Pale Ale malt and Sugar Puffs.

Would any of our readers try this recipe or have ever made beer at home?

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