Giveaway of the Granville Island Market Cookbook

Giveaway of the Granville Island Market Cookbook

Of all the possible attractions there is only places that rocks my world more than the Granville Island Market in Vancouver and Pike Place Market in Seattle. Call me sad but there is only two things that motivate us humans, food and sex – although it’s the other way around for men! Reviewing the Granville Island Cookbook was a pleasure.

The cookbook is filled with easy to cook recipes made of simple and basic ingredients. As I browsed the cookbook I bookmarked several recipes effortlessly. In fact, this cookbook can sit on my countertop because the recipes are easy, delicious and healthy. The cookbook offers pointers along the way to help meals taste a little more tastier.

With nearly 100 recipes using everyday ingredients the market has to offer. The cookbook is arranged by seasons, and offers a scrumptious array of options to inspire you to cook that is a helpful and frugal ways to ensure you will not go over the grocery budget. Each season includes recipes in the following categories: appetizers and snacks, soups and salads, vegetates, entrees, fruits, sweets and baked goods.

Don’t me wrong there are some dangerously delicious desserts such as the Sticky Toffee Muffin Cups topped with caramel sauce and baked goods such as Donna’s Apple Pie with a basic pie crust dough recipe. I’m trying to stay away for these tasty treats and hunted out the healthy stuff.

My first attempt was the Chicken Satay made with fresh ginger root, garlic and chili paste. I had to sides both the Saute of Brussels Sprouts and Hazelnuts and the Grilled Vegetables that included parsnips, red peppers and fennel stalks. The secret ingredient here was the balsamic vinegar  that made these grilled veggies taste sweet but refreshing. Above is the photo of this meal. My husband was impressed coming home to a healthy meal and thought I had spent most of the afternoon making dinner. It took a short 30 minutes to get this whole dish prepared and cooked.

The second meal I made from the Granville Island Market Cookbook was Spring Salmon Dinner in Eight Minutes, yes 8 minutes! The salmon was steamed as was the vegetables. I then added some roasted red peppers and asparagus to the meal.

Spring Salmon DInner in Eight MinutesVancouver’s Granville Island Public Market was established in 1979 and is one of Canada’s largest and most popular public markets. It features numerous vegetables and fruit stands, meat and fish purveyors, day vendors and specialty shops. Granville Island is one of the biggest tourist attraction in the city.

Now for the giveaway, has one copy to giveaway. One lucky winner will be randomly selected on June 6th 2012.
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Lina Zussino

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