Giveaway of the Truck Food Cookbook

Giveaway of the Truck Food Cookbook

At first look it wasn’t a cookbook I wanted on my shelf until of course I started to play around with the recipes. Let’s just say truck food isn’t popular for no reason.

Grant you the recipes might not be suited for anyone on a diet or trying to loose the baby weight gain but that didn’t stop me, surprise surprise!

With 150 recipes of America’s best restaurants on wheels there is no doubt you will find a few if not a dozen or so recipes in this cookbook that you will love.

The “Chef Shack Ladies” in Minneapolis bring you deep fried sweets like their popular cardamon spiced doughnuts. Sandwich up in Phillie with the cheesesteak sandwiches topped with provolone and broccoli or head down to the market on 33rd for some lemon crepes.

You’ll spot La Dominique Crepeie by the crates of lemons which the owner sources out the best ingredients even using free range eggs. “He refuses to accept that street food is lowest common denominator.” I too agree after making sweet potato and swiss chard pies. I was extremely impressed with these little pies from the Bike Basket Pies. She bakes these pies at home and delivers them through the streets of San Fransisco and back again.

Here I made the pie dough while my husband made the filling. I thought it would be a long process, making the pie dough and the filling so I split the jobs. Quick and easy of course if you have the right tools. I used my food processor and made this dough in under 10 minutes. The prep work took the longest because I used muffin tins to make 12 little pies.

The taste – uh wow amazing! The coconut milk mixed with the cinnamon and nutmeg was oh so yummilishous! That isn’t a word but you know what I’m saying, delicious and so amazingly yummy!

I’m happy to leave this book on my shelf and use, dare I say often!

Now the giveaway, one lucky winner will receive a copy of the Truck Food Cookbook. One winner will be randomly selected Sept. 26 2012.

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Lina Zussino

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