Giveaway Gift Basket from the EGG Farmers of Canada

Giveaway Gift Basket from the EGG Farmers of Canada

How do you like your eggs? It is time to Get Cracking with the Egg Farmers of Canada and their new egg timer app.

egg timer appI admit it I am fussy, especially with how I like my eggs. There is nothing more frustration then asking for poached eggs and receiving a hard boiled egg that was supposed be poached.

There are many secrets in life, one which includes making perfect eggs! The secret is all in timing!

The Egg Farmers of Canada now have the solution.  There is no excuse to serve up runny scrambled eggs instead of firm scrambled eggs or boiled eggs instead of the soft poached eggs!

The Egg Farmers of Canada have created a FREE egg timer app that allows everyone to make eggs just as they love so let’s GET “CRACKING!”

“The Egg Timer app is a helpful tool for anyone in the kitchen. It’s not only a fool-proof cooking egg timer, but it’s also packed with helpful tips, recipes and how-to videos so that you can make perfect eggs every time.”

The Egg timer app lets you:

• Choose between instructions for boiled, poached, scrambled and fried
• Customize your cooking time based on egg size and hardness
• Explore hundreds of recipes from Egg Farmers of Canada
• Search recipes by meal type or preparation style
• Discover plenty of handy tips and advice to help you master the art of perfect eggs

Before you decide to download this app check out the demo video of the app on Facebook by clicking here.

To download the FREE Egg Timer app on itunes here or Android here.

Eggs are not only a great source of protein and energy for breakfast they also make great frugal meals. To check out some of these fast frugal meals click here.

To celebrate the new “Get Cracking Egg Timer app” the Egg Farmers of Canada have generously offered a gift baskets to 5  lucky winners!

egg farmers of canada giveaway gift basket

  • Get Cracking Apron
  • Eggs Cookbook
    • ENGLISH – The Perfect Egg Cookbook, by Alex Barker
    • FRENCH – Les Oeufs, Plus de 130 recettes, par Michel Roux
  • Microwave Egg Cooker
  • Spiced French Toast Mix
  • Get Cracking Egg Turner

5 winners will be randomly selected February 20, 2012.

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