Giveaway and Review of Eco-flow Waterpik showerhead

Giveaway and Review of Eco-flow Waterpik showerhead

Help preserve the environmentIntroducing the new Eco-flow waterpik.

Win an Eco-flow showerhead from Waterpik (retails for $50)


Do you want to  – Save money, save water and save energy? Then it’s time for a new shower head.  Old shower heads have high flow rates of up to 20 liters/minutes. The ecoflow waterpik has a flow of 5.7 liters/minute using nearly half of the water and energy of my old shower head.

That’s about a 48% savings in water consumption without compromising water force. The ecoflow waterpik features five powerful spray settings plus an exclusive fingertip pause control to use when shampooing, conditioning, or shaving without sacrificing the quality of the shower.

When I recieved mine, I quickly ripped the packaging and headed to the bathroom, I was quite surprised how easy it was to install. No tools required!! I’m pleased to say my husband noticed the difference in his first attempt to use the new shower head. He said "Wow great shower."

Showers account for as much as 25% of household’s total energy cost.

A family of three may take almost 1,000 showers per year. If conventional showerheads were replaced with low-flow options, you could save 26,600 litres of hot water and between $80 and $100 annually on your energy costs, depending on whether you use natural gas or electricity to heat your water.  In many cases, showers can be the largest single contributor to overall hot water use in a home.  

Replacing a conventional shower head with a low-flow model is inexpensive and is usually a very quick and simple job. Environmentally, what would this mean? "If 10,000 B.C house holds switched to the ecoflow waterpik, the annual energy savings could power around 300 Canadian home for a year." That’s a lot of energy!!!

How does a eco-flow shower head work?
By restricting the flow and forcing the water through very small apertures, these showerheads aerate and increase the velocity of the water, creating a very fine but "wet" feeling spray pattern. While a conventional showerhead uses 18 to 27 litres or more per minute, the low-flow type uses approximately 9 to 11 litres per minute, with some models using even less.


Key features:
  • 3 1/2" Round Shower Head
  • Advanced OptiFLOW Technology
  • Spray Control Lever
  • Pause Control on Handle
  • 5 Ft Faux Metal Hose
  • Easy Clean Nozzles
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Full Body Coverage
  • Concentrated Fan Spray
  • Circular Massage / Mist
  • Misting
  • Circular Massage

Here is the news about the giveaway:

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of Water Pik, 1 winner will receive their own EcoFlow 5 Mode showerhead with a $49.99 retail value.

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