Fanciest McDonalds in the World

Fanciest McDonalds in the World

We have visited the fanciest Mcdonalds in the world. It happens to be in Rome, near the Spanish Steps and was the first McDonald’s to open in Italy over 25 years ago.

This McDonald’s features as marble walls, fountains, mosaics and frescoes on the walls.

As soon as you step inside you see the marble in the store. The entrance is small but the entire hallway is covered with marble walls and up several wide flights of marble stairs to enter the restaurant.

Once you get inside the restaurant at the top of the stairs it is really modern and comfortable. Hip lighting, flashy booths, and it is bright and cozy.

Here is a photo of my daughter and I enjoying a nice espresso with our tiramisu.

A Tiramisu that you can buy from McDonalds Italy. This was a great value but it still wasn’t as good as the Tiramisu that I make!

What I liked about this experience at this McDonald’s was the easy order kiosks. Basically, a touchscreen that enabled you to pick up your order (more organized).

Sample of the Happy Meals you will find at this store.

High quality cappuccino you will find at a McDonalds in Italy. I felt that they were priced right. If you are a tourist visiting anywhere in Italy, make sure you do not order one after noon (it is a dead giveaway). Try an espresso

If you take a close look at the menu, most of the regular North American food is on the Italian menu. The main differences are the McToast, McRoyal Deluxe, and a few different salads. The prices are in Euros and were not bad considering how expensive the rent is at the Spanish Steps.

I could not get over how fancy this McDonalds was and the experience was a nice time and moneysaver for us (we were travelling over a month in Europe).

The main reason that tourists like to visit here is that it can be difficult to find a good burger and fries in Italy (it is not common at many restaurants).

Another positive is the  “Coffee and Sweet” bar (containing many sweets and coffees to order). This was separate from the main restaurant upstairs.

This restaurant had a huge number of seats available which is handy because with a baby or little ones it could be challenging finding a seat at times.

What was the fanciest McDonald’s you have ever been to? 

(Note: I have even been to one in San Jose that had the old classic Mac Tonight from the 80s)!

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