Does This Make My Assets Look Fat?  by Susan L. Hirshman

Does This Make My Assets Look Fat? by Susan L. Hirshman

A woman’s guide to finding financial empowerment and success.

When it comes to financial fitness the same principles apply as do to dieting. “They both require discipline, both take time, and  if you are successful both provide you with substantial rewards. Both dieting and financial success come down to one word, “choice.” Both disciplines require you to make the same kinds of decisions about instant gratification or delayed gratification on a regular basis.”

Susan L. Hirshman is a personal finance expert. She is the president of a consulting company that teaches financial empowerment to woman. Susan holds an MBA as a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Financial Planner and a Chartered Financial Analyst.

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“Does this make my assets look fat?” Is an easy read that takes you through setting up your financial future right down to examination on what is what when it comes to investment vehicles. Susan uses the the same concept as dieting to investing making it super simple to understand the terminology. ”

As with a well balanced diet investing is similar instead of using food groups she use the four asset classes – cash, stocks, bonds, and alternatives. I especially like the break down of how she classifies and compares “a smorgasbord of stocks.” She demonstrates the advantages and disadvantages as well as a thorough description on each type of invest vehicle. She covers the ins and outs of how each asset class differentiates itself in terms of risk and return.

Susan advises to review your portfolio annually at the very least by questioning your investment decision based on your return  and comparing this to your goals. I really like this portion of the book. It gave me a great understanding to keep me focused on whether or not I would be reaching my goals that were set up and described in the first portion of the book.

The end wraps up with protection and passing on your investments which I didn’t really like only because I don’t like to think of death or don’t even have children yet to pass on any assets. However it is such a crucial and sensitive topic “Estate Planning” that must be addressed.

Susan L.Hirshman is a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend this book. It is written in a format so easy to read and goes into so much depth on invest that typically most of us find is hard to understand. Susan lays it out smoothly and easy just like jam!

Lina Zussino

Lina Zussino, is a co-founder of Grocery Alerts Canada. encourages real whole foods cooking while helping Canadians save money with grocery deals and coupons.