Cookbook review - Flavors of Friuli A Culinary Journey through Northeastern Italy

Cookbook review – Flavors of Friuli A Culinary Journey through Northeastern Italy


My wife and I had the privilege of reading an amazing book that showcased the region where my parents were born in Italy – Friuli Venezia Guilia. cover

In Flavors of Friuli: A Culinary Journey through Northeastern Italy, Elisabeth Antoine Crawford has compiled eighty of Friuli’s traditional recipes—including frico (Montasio cheese crisps), cjalsòns (cinnamon-laced ravioli), and gubana (dried fruit and nut spiral cake)—and presents them with clear instructions that any home cook can easily follow. Much more than a cookbook, Flavors of Friuli explores the region’s history and intermingling of cultures that have contributed over centuries to its unique fusion of cuisines. Readers will experience Friuli through the eyes of a traveler, visiting food festivals, favorite local restaurants, and not-to-be-missed tourist sights.

Explore Friuli’s three distinct geographical areas—the Northern mountains, the Central hills and plains, and the Southern coastline—each with its own particular character and culinary traditions. From Carnia’s sweet-and-savory cjalsòns and crispy frico to Cividale’s dried fruit- and nut-filled gubana to the seafood, goulasch, and Viennese-inspired pastries of Trieste, there is something to entice everyone’s palate.

The recipes were outstanding and Elisabeth nailed the history and captured the unique culture of the region. The province has an amazing history and my wife and I tried a couple of recipes. The author was so dedicated to this project – she spent over 5 years creating this amazing resource.

First, Breaded Eggplant and Zucchini with Sausages. The photo above shows my wife’s wonderful attempt at this recipe.

I found that the book did an amazing job of showcasing all distinct geographical areas – some areas with a greater emphasis on seafood and meat or figs.

Finally, one of my all-time favourites of my moms is crostata. I would compare it to a shortbread with a nice lattice top and fresh jam on top. We used raspberry jam.


Elisabeth has all the recipes in English but has the original name in Italian and provides a brief history for each recipe.

This book is a must have for any descendents of this region. We need to keep these recipes going because we will not be able to order Polenta or delicious frico or gubana at our local restaurants.

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